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Tuesday, Apr 16, 2019 4:45 PM
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Return of the Desert Bighorn
After all native desert bighorn sheep were eliminated from Texas, conservationists began the long fight for their return. RETURN OF THE TEXAS BIGHORN follows wildlife biologists as they capture, collar, and relocate desert bighorn to restore a healthy population to West Texas.

The Return
Dave Sweet has spent over a decade helping to bring back the Yellowstone cutthroat from the brink of extinction. Along with his daughter, Diana, a fisheries biologist, he travels into the infamous Thorofare area of Yellowstone to see if his efforts have been successful and if the trout has returned to their native spawning runs.

Cowboys & Scientists
Thirty years ago a partnership between Archbold Biological Station and Buck Island Ranch inspired a new mission: cowboys and scientists working together to advance scientific discovery on a ten thousand acre working cattle ranch. Bridging this cultural divide has resulted in a series of transformative discoveries that have begun to reshape our misconceptions about agriculture, sustainability, and conservation in the 21st century.

Climb-It Change
CLIMB-IT CHANGE brings the worlds of conservation science and outdoor recreation together. This film tells the story of researchers Trevor Bloom and Matt Kneipp as they traverse the entire Rocky Mountain chain, investigating the impact of climate change and increased wildfires on high elevation environments.

Glacier's Bats: An Adventure in Bat Research
With the threat of white-nose syndrome looming on the horizon, Glacier National Park biologists adventure deep into the backcountry to find out what species of bats live in the park and monitor any dangers to their populations.

ROCK-PAPER-FISH takes audiences deep into the rainforest of Southeast Alaska, where life is inseparable from the age-old rhythms of the Chilkat River. The salmon define life for two communities: the ancient Tlingit village of Klukwan, and a scrappy commercial fishing town, Haines. ROCK-PAPER-FISH offers a vivid look into the lives of Alaskans grappling with questions as immense as the place they call home.

Decades ago, poachers would set off explosives in the cool waters of the North Umpqua River, killing steelhead by the dozens. That was before Lee Spencer settled in to watch over and protect the wild steelhead. At a time when environmental protections are being lifted and scientific research budgets slashed, one man's study of the world in front of him is a throwback to conservation work, rooted in bearing witness to simple truths in nature.

Q&A with the filmmakers of The Return and Climb-It Change to follow the 04/16 screening!

Q&A with the filmmakers of 
Climb-It Change and Cowboys & Scientists to follow the 04/18 screening!

Film Info
Series:IWFF Shorts Block
Run Time:63 min
Sponsored By:Adventure Scientists
Cast/Crew Info
Director:Ben Masters, Charles Post, Christopher Kitchen, Eric Bendick, AJ Winslow, Eddie Roqueta, Colin Arism