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Our Favorite Films: Dazed and Confused
Tuesday, Apr 16, 2019 7:00 PM
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Our Favorite Films is a FREE community screening held at The Dreamland on the third Tuesday of each month. The films are selected by the Nantucket Community via the Nantucket Year Round Community page on Facebook. Voting will be held between the 1st and 3rd of each month, with a winner announced in the days following.

This film has a 91% positive rating on Rotten Tomatoes. Like George Lucas' American Graffiti, Richard Linklater's Dazed and Confused is an affectionate look at the youth culture of a bygone era. While Lucas took aim at the conservative 1950's, Linklater jumps ahead a generation to the bicentennial year of 1976 to celebrate the joys of beer blasts, pot smoking and Frampton Comes Alive. Set on the last day of the academic year, the film follows the random activities of a sprawling group of Texas high schoolers as they celebrate the arrival of summer, their paths variously intersecting at a freshmen hazing, a local pool parlor and finally at a keg party.

Run Time:1hr 43min
Release Year:1993
Category:Special Screenings
Cast:Matthew McConaughey
Jason London
Milla Jovovich
Rory Cochrane
Director:Richard Linklater