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Senior Trip with Cheryl Rogers
Live Comedy Event
Sunday, Jul 21, 2019 6:00 PM
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Admission General Admission - $15.00

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Senior Trip with Cheryl Rogers is a music & comedy show that reminds us all “gray matters” and celebrates the 55+ lifestyle!

Don’t miss this fun evening that includes live musical performances, comedy, video parodies with audience engagement.

Cheryl has performed, composed, produced, & starred in many roles over her 30+ year music career. Her many talents have landed her in a variety of roles that showcase her as a singer, songwriter, music producer, and all-around funny girl. Some of that talent comes from her father, Randy Jones, a gifted jazz pianist with a sense of humor who performed on a live television music & comedy show with Dick Van Dyke in the late 50’s. Cheryl’s talent followed her father’s sense of humor & musical prowess, while also extending beyond her own interests, and into a role of supporting others.

While Cheryl started as a singer and recorded her first album at age 22, she found joy in producing albums for other artists. She did so in her usual comedic way—helping them achieve their musical dreams, while always keeping everyone engaged and entertained! Over the next 3 decades, Cheryl won 4 Emmy awards for a variety of compositions, was a five-time Dove Award nominee, and a producer on the Grammy award-winning Tribute Album project by Andrae Crouch. Over the past five years, Cheryl has been involved in various projects including Music Producer for former Celtic woman member Lisa Kelly in her live shows. And most recently, Cheryl scored the music track for the critically-acclaimed documentary, “Olympic Pride, American Prejudice” produced by Deborah Riley Draper and actor Blair Underwood.

Now Cheryl has turned her efforts to a new live entertainment show that celebrates the 55+ Boomers & Beyond crowd. "Senior Trip with Cheryl Rogers” is a music & comedy show written & performed by Cheryl as she hits the road with a message that “GRAY MATTERS”! The show includes live performances, video parodies, and audience engagement as Cheryl takes the crowd on a virtual trip to laugh & celebrate all that they have accomplished.

Tickets are $15 for General Admission, $10 for Roxy Members or members of the Missoula Senior Center. Missoula Senior Center members must buy their tickets at the box office to receive the discount.

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Series:Live Comedy Event
Run Time:90 min