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Asako I & II
Japan, 2019, 119 min, 2K DCP, Dir. Ryusuke Hamaguchi, Not Rated, Japanese with English subtitles
Sunday, Jul 28, 2019 6:15 PM
Love at first sight, and second.
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Admission Military with Valid ID - $10.00
Admission Child (12 and Under) - $7.00

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A truly original Vertigo riff, Asako I & II is an enchanting paean to the notion of love as a trance state. Asako and Baku share an intense, all-consuming romance — but one day the moody Baku ups and vanishes. Two years later, Asako meets Baku’s exact double. Ryusuke Hamaguchi, one of Japan’s most celebrated filmmakers, has made a beguiling and mysterious film that traces the trajectory of a love — or, to be accurate, two loves — found, lost, displaced, and regained.

Asako I & II is one of the most deceptively simple — and rewarding — films you’re likely to see this year, the product of an original young talent in world cinema. On Opening Night, July 26 at 6:15pm, CGAC Director of Programming Nat Chediak will open a window onto a film that richly deserves the widest possible audience.