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Bleedingham: Creepy Cornucopia
Sunday, Oct 27, 2019 1:00 PM
Join us for a delightfully dark and frightening mix of WA state and international horror short films and audience prizes!

Filth by Adam Ciolfi
Chickens by Sam Vinal
Brutal Realty by Erik Boccio
Hazard by MJ Sieber
Five Course Meal by James Cadden
Imagine by Jeremy brown
Trespassers by Jayden Creighton
Amphetamine Trucker Lament 1971 by William Stancik
American Girl by Martin Tran
Camcorder by Leo Phillips
Bells by Ben Botwick
Absolution by Andrew Tribolini
Little Familiar by Michael Valletta
Breakfast with Benjamin by Devin Paquette
The Fork by Maggie Craig
Five Course Meal by James Cadden

Disclaimer from Bleedingham: We do not censor filmmakers. Some films may display nudity, extreme violence, gore, adult language, triggering or disturbing content.These films are made by independent filmmakers and are not rated. Films are recommended for mature audiences only.
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- Admission - $10.71
- Child - $8.10

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