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Chauncey -Theater 2
Thursday, Dec 12, 2019 8:00 PM
After hitting something with her car, a woman's life slowly descends into paranoia and isolation. Presented as part of Reel Representation: Women on the Verge.
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Femininity has long been defined by how successfully a woman fits into the idea of the word feminine. Delicate, soft. In music, a feminine cadence has a weak beat. Women on the Verge presents five films directed by women, that challenge gender norms, and liberate their female protagonists by putting them on the edge of (or obliterating) the world that has defined them as "good girls".

"A masterly, disturbing and deeply mysterious film." - Guardian

While driving down a deserted road, Veronica hits something with her car as she struggles to answer her cell phone. After admitting to her husband Marcos that she thinks she may have killed someone, all traces of Veronica's activities in the previous days begin to disappear. What ensues is a psychological exploration of an unfaithful wife whose unconscious battle with guilt begins to unravel not only her life but also her grip on reality.

Now in its third year, FilmScene's Reel Representation has evolved from Women's March to become a year-round program that celebrates local, national and international female and gender non-binary artists. Reel Representation showcases new releases and film series from, special events with, and dialogues about this underrepresented perspective in the industry.

Event Info
Dialogue:introduction by Reel Representation committee member Hannah Bonner.
Series Info
Series:Reel Representation
Film Info
Rating:Not Rated
Runtime:87 minutes
Director:Lucretia Martel
Year Released:2008
Production Country:Argentina
Language:Spanish with English subtitles