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A Story from Chikamatsu (Cinema East)
Tuesday, Jan 14, 2020 5:45 PM
Also known as The Crucified Lovers, A Story From Chikamatsu continues Mizoguchi Kenji’s exploration of Japanese literary and theatrical traditions. Here, a bunraku puppet play provides the basis for a story about a misunderstanding that puts two people in the crosshairs of a rigid and judgmental social structure. A powerful critique and profound emotional experience, A Story From Chikamatsu is a film of great visual beauty that will stay with you for a long time to come.

A Story From Chikamatsu will be introduced by Eren Odabasi, Assistant Professor of Global Cinema in the Department of English at Western Washington University, whose research and teaching interests include media policy and governance, diasporic filmmakers and audiences, and auteur theory.

"A great masterpiece that could only have been made by Mizoguchi." —Akira Kurosawa
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- Adult - $10.71

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Official Site:https://www.criterion.com/films/28160-a-story-from-chikamatsu
Country of Origin:Japan
Language:Japanese w/ English Subtitles
Genre:Drama, Romance
Programs:Cinema East