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A Touch of Sin (Cinema East)
Tuesday, Apr 21, 2020 5:45 PM
"A blistering fictionalized tale straight out of China, A Touch of Sin is at once monumental and human scale. A story of lives rocked by violence, it has the urgency of a screaming headline but one inscribed with visual lyricism, emotional weight and a belief in individual rights. You can feel the conviction of its director, Jia Zhang-ke — one of the few filmmakers of any nationality who weighs the impact of social and political shifts on people — in every shot. In A Touch of Sin, the world isn’t an amorphous backdrop, pretty scenery for private dramas, it is a stage on which men and women struggle to fulfill basic moral obligations, including recognizing one another’s humanity." —The New York Times
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Official Site:https://www.kinolorber.com/film/atouchofsin
Country of Origin:China, Japan, France
Language:Mandarin and Cantonese w/ English subtitles, English
Genre:Action, Drama
Programs:Cinema East