Event Information
The Cat's Meow: Bellingham Children's Film Festival
Sunday, Mar 8, 2020 12:00 PM
Ages 6–8 (and cat lovers of all ages), 67 mins
Sponsored by Healthy Pet.

This feline-focused (and allergy-free!) animation program is filled with cuddly cats and their adorable antics. Kitties truly make the world go ‘round in this celebration of glorious stop-motion, painted, hand-drawn and CG animation from eight cat-loving countries.

Content advisory: “The Quintet of the Sunset,” a stop-motion film made with great humor and skill, tackles the subject of mortality in a tenderhearted way.

Join us for interactive art activities in the lobby!
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Film Info
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Official Site:https://www.childrensfilmfestivalseattle.org/2020/opening-night-cats-meow-short-film-program/
Country of Origin:Various
Language:English, non-English w/ English subtitles, nonverbal
Genre:Animation, Family Friendly
Programs:Children's Film Festival