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Friday, Oct 30, 2020
Missing your favorite FilmScene treats? Get a FilmScene at Home Concessions Bundle and your home viewing will be just a little bit more like the cinema. $5 of each bundle will be donated to a local organization.
Event Pricing
4 - 5 pm pickup Popcorn Lover - $15.00
4 - 5 pm pickup PG-13 Bundle - $20.00
4 - 5 pm pickup Wine Bundle - $30.00
4 - 5 pm pickup Beer Bundle - $30.00
5 - 6 pm pickup Popcorn Lover - $15.00
5 - 6 pm pickup PG-13 Bundle - $20.00
5 - 6 pm pickup Wine Bundle - $30.00
5 - 6 pm pickup Beer Bundle - $30.00

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$5.00 of each order will be donated to a local organization!




**FilmScene Concessions Lovers! We have changed up our bundles, so please read closely...

Our LUDICROUS weekend supply of popcorn (that is large enough to be a pillow) is now available only under POPCORN LOVER.

All other bundles will have RATIONAL AMOUNTS of popcorn (Two Larges).

Thank you for your support by enjoying our popcorn!!**


Missing your favorite FilmScene treats?

Purchase your Movie Night Bundle now for a Friday 4pm - 6pm pickup!


Our bundles incluede TWO large popcorns, TWO of your favorite movie theater candies and your choice of soda, beer or wine to make sure you're well stocked for our virtual screening opportunities at home.

For pickup: Pull in front of the Chauncey entrance at 404 E. College and we will meet you curbside to hand over your FilmScene goodies!

Sales end at 3pm each Friday.

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Series:Special Event
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Year Released:2020