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Jesse, The Ocelot + Kurt Juergens (The Broadest Blue)
Roxy Garden
Thursday, Sep 16, 2021 7:00 PM
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Admission Admit One - $15.00

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The Roxy and Montana Area Music Association are proud to present Music in the Sound Garden, a series of live musical perforances in the Roxy Garden.

Jesse, The Ocelot
Jesse, The Ocelot was born from the mountains, and learned at a young age his song from the songbirds. He’s traveled the cosmos in search of the secret and wants to share the beauty with anyone who will take the time. Taking influences from Thom Yorke, Leslie Feist, Robin Pecknold, and Jeff Buckley. Lush, atmosphere harmonies and intense lyrics make up most of his sound. Blending color and emotion, Jesse will take you on a journey you didn’t know you needed to take.

Kurt Juergens (The Broadest Blue)
Exposing all the joys and pains of human experience through historical events, Kurt Juergens—under the alias The Broadest Blue—alternates between (and combines) genres more smoothly than some bands alternate between tempos. Folk, jazz, classical, chamber pop—as quickly as they have appeared in The Broadest Blue’s music—are to be heard there, fusing into a new musical backdrop for grand storytelling.

Maximizing a time of “gainful underemployment” in California, Juergens spent the year 2013 writing a song every week to develop his craft. As the project was wrapping up, an infatuation with the redacted history of the JFK assassination began, creating a years-long, all-consuming project that called for exhaustive research and daring musical growth. The result is his debut LP: Kennedy.

The Broadest Blue can frequently be heard around New York City performing the songs from Kennedy with Brooklyn’s largest regularly-performing indie/folk/jazz/chamber pop band. As in most artists’ initial release, Kennedy reveals Juergens’ biggest influences (Brian Wilson, Sufjan Stevens, et al.)—but with lyrics, harmonic ideas, and track sequencing occasionally more cinematic, and consistently more pointed.

Amidst a slow collapse of truth and meaning in which distracted masses are comforted into perpetual ignorance, The Broadest Blue re-engages the senses and shines the light of the truth. Fear the typewriter’s hammer’s thud: The Broadest Blue is here to wage war.

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Series:Music in the Sound Garden
Run Time:90 min