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Thursday, Oct 14, 2021 8:00 PM
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Kiyoshi Kurosawa’s spellbinding international breakthrough established him as one of the leaders of the emerging new wave of Japanese horror while pushing the genre into uncharted realms of philosophical and existential exploration. A string of shocking, seemingly unmotivated murders—each committed by a different person yet bearing the same grisly hallmarks—leads Detective Kenichi Takabe (Koji Yakusho) into a labyrinthine investigation to discover what connects them, and into a disturbing game of cat and mouse with an enigmatic amnesiac (Masato Hagiwara) who may be evil incarnate. Awash in a mood of hushed, hypnotic dread, Cure is a tour de force of psychological tension and a hallucinatory journey into the darkest recesses of the human mind.

New 4K restoration!

"This is one of the very best films by the extremely talented Kiyoshi Kurosawa [. . .] He's an absolute master of light, framing and pacing, and he has so much control over all three that there are moments in his movies when the slightest gesture in the corner of the frame will send a shiver down your spine [. . .] Cure is his most terrifying movie. There are startling images and moments in this picture that will haunt you for a long time to come, and I suppose I should say that it's not for the faint of heart. But be brave, because it's worth it. Kurosawa is a major filmmaker." -- Martin Scorsese

"One of the films that have had the biggest impact on my own personal view of cinema [. . . ] There's a sense of horror that trickles down your spine while watching it." -- Bong Joon-ho

Film Info
Series:New 4K Restoration
Run Time:111 min
Release Year:1997
Original Language:Japanese
Cast/Crew Info
Director:Kiyoshi Kurosawa
Cast Members:Koji Yakusho, Tsuyoshi Ujiki, Anna Nakagawa
Writers:Kiyoshi Kurosawa