Film Info
Director:Fernando Cortizo
Running Time:84 mins
Year of Release:2013


“This creepily atmospheric animated film boasts haunting, gorgeously hand-crafted imagery.” - Hollywood Reporter

This fanciful, Brothers Grimm-style story follows Ramon (Carlos Blanco), an escaped convict who sets off to retrieve a treasure of jewels that a fellow prisoner had hidden years earlier in a small pueblo on the Camino de Santiago, a popular route for Christian pilgrims. But Ramon gets a little more than he bargained for. The few elderly villagers living in the village are extremely hospitable, but their friendliness is merely a ruse. In reality, they are living under an ancient curse in which they must find fresh souls to trade with the Grim Reaper, and Ramon soon finds himself in danger of being their latest prey. The handcrafted settings and claymation characters are rendered with a vivid imagination and attention to detail that is enhanced by gorgeous framing, a choral music score partially composed by Philip Glass, and excellent performances by the Spanish language vocal talents, including Geraldine Chaplin and the late Spanish horror film star Paul Naschy as a corpulent, blustery archbishop who provides comic relief. (Frank Scheck, Hollywood Reporter) - Programmed by Jeff M. Giordano