Film Info
Director:Martin McKenna
Running Time:88
Year of Release:2014


With an eye for the beautiful details in the everyday, this stunning film takes us on an intimate and profoundly moving exploration of family relationships, teen love, rebellion, and the consequences of being afraid to grow up. Living in the coastal town of Victoria, Australia, 17-year-old Mark is a smart kid from a chaotic family who has just thrown away a scholarship to a private school and found himself at the local public high school, where he butts heads with an overbearing principal. At home, Mark is dealing with a jail-bound brother, a sickly grandmother, and an alcoholic mother. When Mark finds his first real love, the relationship is an opportunity to escape all the competing forces in his life. Told through the fragmented and heightened senses of a boy on the cusp of manhood, this is a dreamy story about what it means to be alone and how valuable it is to feel connected. - Jeff M. Giordano