Film Info
Director:Joshua Tate
Running Time:100
Year of Release:2014


“They are not asking you for a handout, nor are they demanding of your sympathy or time. Love Land just isn’t that kind of film. It is a film that has a sophisticated method for approaching very real adolescent themes: sexuality, emotional struggle, and acceptance.”

Set against the backdrop of the Disability Rights Movement, Love Land features a unique group of characters, both with and without intellectual and developmental disabilities. Their performances are never oversimplified but are thrust into a complicated mixture of honesty and betrayal via drugs and alcohol. Love Land tells the story of Ivy, a 24-year-old woman caught between two worlds. She has an intellectual disability but hides her label with grace, wearing other bracelets over her medical information bracelet. What she doesn't hide well is the crush she has on Oscar, a 16-year-old apprentice tattoo artist who works (illegally) at the same tattoo parlor as Ivy. When Ivy's desire to impress Oscar leads to events that convince her sister (and legal guardian) to place her in a public institution for people with developmental disabilities, Ivy faces an identity crisis, choosing just how far she will go and who she will hurt in order to reunite with her dream man. There is something truly unexpected and almost magical about Love Land. (Sandy Hoffman of AIDY Reviews) - Programmed by Jeff M. Giordano