Shorts 1: Personals

  • Big Girl Big Girl
  • Helberger In Paradise Helberger In Paradise
  • Keep the Change Keep the Change
  • Person to Person Person to Person
  • This Is Not The End This Is Not The End
  • Wedding Dress Wedding Dress
Film Info
Running Time:86
Year of Release:2014


Human seeking other human for some semblance of connection, validity of existence, warmth. Me: your daughter’s funeral crasher; your son’s first love; your new husband’s estranged brother. You: a brave one, forced to grow up too soon; a loved one, who still has time on this earth; a mysterious one, who showed up on my couch this morning. I know you’re out there. Meet me at the Roxie. --- Co-presented by KQED's "Film School Shorts" - Jay Wertzler

Included Shorts

Big Girl (16min) More
Helberger In Paradise (17min) More
Keep the Change (16min) More
Person to Person (18min) More
This Is Not The End (6min) More
Wedding Dress (13min) More