Film Info
Director:Britni West
Running Time:80
Year of Release:2015
Premiere:West Coast Premiere


Middle-aged Dawn is finally learning how to sell stuff on eBay. She lives in a glorified pit-stop town, except with the “glory” part removed. One day, at an estate sale auction, she meets a man with sad eyes. His mom just died, and it is her stuff that is for sale. They start to hang out. Also, a young man (Alex Karpovsky of HBO’s Girls) has arrived on the scene with a young girl, and it looks like they’re going to kick around for a couple of weeks. Lensed in warm 16mm hues, Tired Moonlight is a true gem—a couple of weeks in the lives of a half dozen folks in a part of the country you wouldn’t bother to stop in, starring Karpovsky, Liz Randall, Paul Dickinson, Hilary Berg and RainLeigh Vick. With her first feature film, Britni West proves herself to be a voice we’re bound to pay close attention to in the future. - Mike Keegan