The Chinese Mayor

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Roxie Theater Sun, May 31, 2015 3:00 PM
Film Info
Director:Zhou Hao
Year of Production:2015
Film Type:Feature
Premiere Status:San Francisco Premiere
Topic:Changing Cities
Running Time:86 min


Chinese with English subtitles

Change is afoot in Datong. Controversial Communist Party Mayor Geng Yanbo is pulling down one of the world's dirtiest cities to recreate its glorious past. He’s determined to transform his coal-mine city into a tourism haven for clean economy. But to achieve that, he needs to pull down 140,000 households and relocate 500,000 residents to give way for the restoration of the ancient city. Can damaging individuals' interests be justified so that future generations can enjoy a sustainable Datong? Filmmaker Zhou Hao, gives you remarkable access to the power and politics that change a city.

2015 Sundance: World Cinema Documentary Special Jury Award for Unparalleled Access

DISCUSSION WITH: Zhao Qi, producer

WINNER: 2015 SFGFF Green Tenacity Award

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Additional Information

Zhou Hao was born in 1968 and started his career as a photographer for China's national new group Xinhua News Agency and Southern Weekly, the country's most influential weekly newspaper. His debut documentary Hou Hie Township (2001) won the Black Pottery Award (Best New Professional Award) at the Yunnan Multi-Culture Film Festival. He went on to direct Senior Year which won the Humanitarian Award for Best Documentary at the Hong Kong International Film Festival in 2006, followed by Using which clinched the Asia Award at the Taiwan International Documentary Festival in 2008.