The Edge of the Wild

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Roxie Theater Sat, May 30, 2015 4:00 PM
Film Info
Director:Gail Mallimson
Year of Production:2015
Film Type:Feature
Premiere Status:World Premiere
Changing Cities
Running Time:60 min


For over 30 years, residents of the small town of Brisbane, CA, just south of San Francisco, have fought to save rare butterflies on private land planned for luxury housing on San Bruno mountain. This epic battle between private property rights and the survival of a species has resulted in a major shift in national environmental policy. Bay Area filmmaker Gail Mallimson tells the story of this struggle both past and present, through the eyes of a life-long resident of Brisbane who is determined to save the last population of these butterflies before they are gone forever.

DISCUSSION WITH: Gail Mallimson, director; Michele Salmon, film's subject

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Community Partners:
Center for Biological Diversity, San Bruno Mountain Watch, Wild Equity Institute

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Additional Information

Almost 20 years ago, Gail Mallimson moved to San Francisco from New York City. Her first visit to San Bruno Mountain was a revelation - it seemed impossible that such real wilderness could exist so close to a major urban center. Inspired by the people she met who had fought to keep this beautiful mountain wild, her journey making The Edge of the Wild began, and she has worked for over 8 years to bring the story of this mountain and its role in changing the Endangered Species Act to the public's attention. Much of the time, Gail has worked on her own - a one woman filmmaking band - and much of the shooting, writing, and editing of the film has been done by her. Gail was inspired to make this film, as the people in The Edge of the Wild are on the forefront of a human army of people determined to preserve our ecosystems before they die out.