Good Things Await (Så meget godt i vent)

  • A Passion of Gold and Fire (Une passion d'or et de feu) A Passion of Gold and Fire (Une passion d'or et de feu)


Roxie Theater Mon, Jun 1, 2015 8:30 PM
Film Info
Director:Phie Ambo
Year of Production:2014
Premiere Status:West Coast Premiere
Running Time:93 min


Danish with English subtitles

The Danish Red is a rare breed of cattle, and Niels Stokholm, who is approaching 80, has made it his life's mission to save it. Supplying the world's best restaurant, NOMA, Niels runs his biodynamic farm according to the idea that man and earth are fundamentally connected to the universe. But his pact with the universe does not live up to the rules laid down by the authorities. Phie Ambo documents the calm rhythm of farm life, Stokholm's musings, and the visits by farm inspectors and supporters alike. Follow his struggle to make sure that he is not the last to do agriculture in this way, but one of the first.

DISCUSSION WITH: Phie Ambo, director (via Skype)

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A Passion of Gold and Fire (Une passion d'or et de feu) (6min) More

Additional Information

Educated at the National Film School of Denmark, documentary filmmaker Phie Ambo (born 1973) is one of the leading Danish film directors of her generation. Award winning for her feature length documentary films true to the tradition of poetic, personal and cinematic documentary filmmaking, Ambo deals with sensitive topics such as family relations, love, spiritualism, creative processes, artificial life and robots. Phie Ambo has directed a number of award-winning films for the cinema, including major works such as Family (2001), Gambler (2005), and Mechanical Love (2007). Her intimate method of filming – one woman, one camera, no lightning – allows her to blend in with her surroundings, thus getting very close to her subjects without disturbing the natural pace of the situation.