Oak & Scott: Pausing at High Speed

Showing In

Changing Cities (Shorts Program)
Roxie Theater Sun, May 31, 2015 12:30 PM

Uncover stories of environmental change and community power here in San Francisco and Oakland.


Sinem Yilanci and Sertan Ünver | USA | 2014 | 30 min

San Francisco Premiere

An urban tale told by the long term residents of an ever changing intersection of San Francisco. The film inquires about the changes in this central neighborhood and the impacts of these changes on the residents. This area of San Francisco is remarkable in many ways which is reflected in the film's topics: Transportation history, Freeway Revolt, first neighborhood association, location on the bicycle route The Wiggle, economic changes, history of the African American population in the area, diversity, children, traffic, gentrification and how all these changes impact the people who call this place their home.

DISCUSSION WITH: Sinem Yilanci, director; David Gardner composer/musician

Additional Information

Sertan Unver is a director, producer and editor for more than 15 years and based in Istanbul. Sinem Yilanci is a therapist and lived in San Fancisco, right on Oak and Scott Streets for about 7 years. Oak & Scott is her first film.