What About Water?

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Showing In

Changing Cities (Shorts Program)
Roxie Theater Sun, May 31, 2015 12:30 PM

Uncover stories of environmental change and community power here in San Francisco and Oakland.


Alyssa Hailemariam/BAYCAT | USA | 2015 | 10 min

West Coast Premiere

A documentary produced by BAYCAT interns that examines the relationship between water and the Bayview Hunters Point community. Through focus groups and interviews, BAYCAT youth examined Bayview community members perceptions' surrounding water, the role water plays in the Bayview community, and any misperceptions there are about water.

DISCUSSION WITH: Jade Grout, editor

Additional Information

Alyssa Hailemariam is a young digital media producer in San Francisco. She joined the industry to help diversify our media. Last year, she joined BAYCAT's pathways internship program where she gained hands-on experience and media training. During this internship, Alyssa and a group of BAYCAT interns produced What About Water? to discuss the Bayview's relationship with water. Today, Alyssa has joined the BAYCAT team as the Content Development Coordinator. She continues to pursue her goals in diversity and looks forward to creating more impactful media.