Shorts 1: It's An Obsession

  • American Renaissance American Renaissance
  • Believe Believe
  • Dolphin Lover Dolphin Lover
  • Mars Barb Mars Barb
  • Spearhunter Spearhunter
  • The Man Behind 55,000 Dresses The Man Behind 55,000 Dresses
  • Unmappable Unmappable
Film Info
Running Time:82


That unfathomable and sometimes unexplainable need to do something or believe in something or someone is what ties these shorts together. Spear hunting, maps, the Renaissance Faire, Mars, ballroom gowns, Santa and (for some) an unacceptable desire are all explored in these never boring and often fascinating docs. -JM

Included Shorts

American Renaissance (10min) More
Believe (9min) More
Dolphin Lover (15min) More
The Man Behind 55,000 Dresses (17min) More
Mars Barb (10min) More
Spearhunter (14min) More
Unmappable (23min) More