Shorts 2: Don't Call It San Fran!!!

  • Balancing Act
  • Framed Targets
  • Hotel 22
  • Monumenting
  • New Mission
  • Oak and Scott: Pausing at High Speed
  • Perpetual Ed
  • Sutro Wants My Body
  • The Columbarium
  • The Typist
  • Treasure Island
Film Info
Running Time:84


Our beloved Bay Area is changing before our eyes and we are fortunate to have great local filmmakers documenting those changes and all the things that make our cities unique and wondrous. The films take us from an Oakland circus school across Treasure Island up Oak & Page Street thru The Columbarium to the Mission and then over to Colma. The people who make up these great cities are documented and given a voice. -JM

Presented by KQED’s Truly CA

Included Shorts

Balancing Act (8min) More
The Columbarium (4min) More
Framed Targets (5min) More
Hotel 22 (9min) More
Monumenting (4min) More
New Mission (4min) More
Oak and Scott: Pausing at High Speed (30min) More
Perpetual Ed (5min) More
Treasure Island (7min) More
The Typist (8min) More
Sutro Wants My Body (5min) More