• Finding Donut
  • Ruler of the Roost
  • Steve Shirley Shark Tagger
Film Info
Director:Jonathon Zwick
Running Time:48
Year of Release:2015
Premiere:SF Premiere


Iceland is one of only three countries in the world that disregard international law and continue the archaic practice of commercial whale hunting. First-time filmmaker Jonathon Zwick is on a mission to save whales and specifically the endangered Finback whale that Iceland continues to hunt. Ironically, whale watching has exploded on the island in the last couple of years, but sadly many of the tourists step right off the boat and order whale meat at the nearby restaurants. -JM

Included Shorts

Finding Donut (10min) More
Ruler of the Roost (10min) More
Steve Shirley Shark Tagger (11min) More