GTFO: Get The Fuck Out

  • The 414s: The Original Teenage Hackers The 414s: The Original Teenage Hackers
Film Info
Director:Shannon Sun-Higginson
Running Time:76
Year of Release:2015
Premiere:West Coast Premiere


GTFO takes an unwavering look at the extreme level of sexual harassment in the video game world, a 20 billion dollar industry that can’t seem to understand that 96% of teen girls play games. The infamous GamerGate brought to light the massive amount of harassment women constantly receive ranging from name calling to cyber vandalism to threats of rape and murder. Shannon Sun-Higginson paints a complex picture of the video game industry through interviews with video game developers, journalists, academics, and most importantly the actual trolls. -JM

Included Shorts

The 414s: The Original Teenage Hackers (12min) More