I Am Thor

Film Info
Director:Ryan Wise
Running Time:87
Year of Release:2015
Premiere:West Coast Premiere


Bodybuilder. Actor. Songwriter. Screenwriter. Historian. Vocalist. Bad-ass of the century. All of these words could be used to describe John Mikl Thor, a renaissance man whose band THOR toured the 70’s and 80’s with thundering purpose. Part rock and roll insanity, part tongue-in-cheek antics – THOR combined the speaker-blowing energy of hard rock shows with the showmanship and spectacle of Vegas-style productions. His influence is seen in many bands that followed. But I Am Thor isn’t so much about the beginnings of THOR – rather, the comeback. I Am Thor chronicles John Mikl’s attempted return to the splotlight, a return which isn’t as smooth as he would have liked. It’s a film about determination, resiliance and one man’s desire to conquer the world. Director Ryan Wise was given unfiltered access to Thor and the result is a deeply heartfelt story that every artist goes through at some point in their career as they define what they’ve done, the impact they’ve made and how they can keep on rocking. Thor might not have made it big as a band, but they certainly contributed to one epic film. - Billy Ray Brewton, Slamdance

After Thursday's screening, see THOR live on stage at Thee Parkside!