Miss Tibet: Beauty in Exile

  • Dukha in Summer Dukha in Summer
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Film Info
Director:Norah Shapiro
Running Time:70
Year of Release:2014
Premiere:West Coast Premiere


A Tibetan teenager travels from Minneapolis to India to compete in a most unlikely beauty pageant. Long separated from their ancient homeland, Tibet’s exile community struggles to maintain a sense of tradition in the face of modernity, emblematic in the contradictions of the Miss Tibet pageant. While its suave organizer insists that he offers young Tibetans a chance to immerse themselves in their culture and language, critics take issue with the event’s decidedly un-Tibetan focus on outer beauty, replete with bikinis and catwalks. -Doc NYC

Included Shorts

Dukha in Summer (6min) More
Read Chuna (3min) More