The Way of the Kayak

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Showing In

Short Block 4
New People Cinema Sun, Nov 8, 2015 11:00 AM
A screening block of short films
Film Info
Director:Richard Poe
Running Time:5
Year of Release:2014


The Way of the Kayak is a 5-minute documentary that attempts to share with viewers the indescribable mental, physical, spiritual, and sensual thrill of rolling a kayak — the terror of letting your boat capsize while you’re jammed into the tight cockpit; the suspense of holding your breath while you hang upside down underwater; and the triumph of rolling it back up again and filling your lungs with air. Rolling a kayak is a simple act, but a profoundly spiritual one, a symbolic drama of death and rebirth, in which the kayaker must surrender to the water, overcome his fear of drowning, and calmly execute the necessary moves to put his boat right again.