3 Men

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Showing In

Short Block 6
New People Cinema Sun, Nov 8, 2015 5:00 PM
A screening block of short films
Film Info
Director:Matthieu TONDEUR
Running Time:2.23
Year of Release:2015


On a warm afternoon, in a room that has no doors except for a circular window, in a place where everything seems to be taken from various and different time. A man tries to write, once again, a loop story on a computer. After several attempts, he gives up and another man previously sleeping on the sofa takes his place, assuming that he knows how to write a loop story. The first man then walks over to a third man who is peacefully reading an out of date newspaper, sitting on a chair. He grabs the newspaper and asks him to give away his sit. The third man feeling awkward about it, moves up to the sofa, where he wants to relax for a while, exhausted to think of how to write a loop story. He closes his eyes