Film Info
Director:G.J. Echternkamp
Film Category:Narrative
Music Spotlight
Running Time:100 min
Year of Release:2015
Premiere:Opening Night Film


G.J.’s mother Cindy (Rene Russo), was the ultimate groupie of one-hit wonder 80’s new wave band OXO, and married G.J.’s stepfather Frank (Oliver Platt) with dreams of glamor and awards shows. It didn’t quite work out. Meanwhile, G.J. is getting ready to head off to film school, only to find his parents have blown his inheritance on a basement studio for his out-of-work drunk stepfather. Both Frank and Cindy swear this time they will change for sure, and G.J. turns a camera on them to catch their empty promise. A narrative version of his This American Life-featured documentary, director Echternkamp mines his own family’s imperfections for a touching and hilarious story of failure and denial. -Bears Fonte

After the film, please join us right down the street for DJ Shindog’s one hit wonder 80s/90s dance mix, open bar and some special surprises!