AND THE MUDSHIP SAILS AWAY (Soshite Dorobune wa Yuku)

Film Info
Director:Hirobumi Watanabe
Film Category:Narrative
Running Time:88 min
Year of Release:2014
Premiere:California Premiere


“Everything here feels cannily attuned to a wry, singular if not always explicable comic sensibility.” -Dennis Harvey, Variety

Reminiscent of early deadpan comedies by Jim Jarmusch and Wayne Wang films, and made by a crew of four with their families and friends. Indignant slacker Takashi (Kiyohiko Shibukawa) has an attitude. Unfortunately there’s no one but his ancient grandmother (Misao Hirayama, the director’s 96-year-old grandmother) and pleasant friend Shohei (Kaori Iida) to hear Takashi’s apathetic wisecracks in the small city of Otawara, Japan. One day, Yuka (Ayasa Takahashi) appears and announces herself to be his half-sister by their deadbeat father. It doesn’t take long to size up her near-middle-aged unemployed sibling, charging him to take action that sets the film off on a fantastical turn. Prolific character actor Shibukawa shines as lead in this delightful comedy from Tochigi Prefecture film collective Foolish Piggies. Official selection at the film festivals: Raindance and Tokyo International. (Japan Cuts: NYC) –Jeff M. Giordano

Co-Presented by CAAM and New People Cinema