• Looking For Sly Looking For Sly
Film Info
Director:Ilinca Calugareanu
Film Category:Documentary
Running Time:83 min
Country:United Kingdom
Year of Release:2015


In the 1980s, Romanians suffered from little access to foreign goods as well as an information blackout the Communist bureaucrats used to ensure ideological purity. But in clandestine screenings at neighbors’ homes of smuggled VHS tapes dubbed by a one-man distribution network, people got a glimpse of the Western world and a culture of muscular individuality with heroes like Jean-Claude Van Damme, Sylvester Stallone, and, of course, Chuck Norris. This is a story of the unexpected consequences of mass entertainment and the idea that the greatest threat to the dictatorship might just have been the VCR. -Chris Metzler

Plays with:

  • LOOKING FOR SLY, Directed by Kia Simon, Eve Conant, & Jonathan Crosby, 28 min.

Total program run time: 111 min.

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