Film Info
Director:Julian M. Grünthal
Samuel Schwarz
Film Category:Narrative
Far Out Flicks
Running Time:95 min
Year of Release:2015
Premiere:West Coast Premiere


Just before NEUROO-X releases its newest game, promising to transform the secret longings of players into fantastic adventures, its Chief Development Manager mysteriously dies. His lover Ryuko searches inside the game for clues but the deeper she disappears into the digital world, the more she rewrites NEUROO-X’s programmed narrative, vanishing into a parallel world of demons, witches, knights, and terrorists. Like a Cronenberg film on speed, Polder dazzles the eye while disturbing the mind, all in the name of love. -Bears Fonte

Please join us on Saturday, Feb 13th for a panel discussion in conjuction with our screenings of POLDER. The panel takes place at SWISSEX San Francisco and begins at 6:30pm.  For tickets and more information, click here.