• In the Hollow In the Hollow
Film Info
Director:Corey Misquita
Film Category:Narrative
Running Time:70 min
Year of Release:2015


The bond between two teen-aged girls – one popular, one not – is tested and brought to a crisis point when an intimate moment between them is caught on video and goes viral through their school. Terrified of losing her status, popular Brooke (Samantha Weinstein) turns on Charlie (Jordan Todosey who played the FTM teen Adam on Degrassi). Denying their friendship, she becomes one of the bullies who have made Charlie’s every day a misery. Devastated, Charlie takes a desperate measure to make Brooke understand her pain. -Jennifer Junkyard Morris

Plays with:

  • IN THE HOLLOW, Austin Bunn,15min.

Total program run time: 85 min.

Included Shorts

In the Hollow (15min) More