Film Info
Director:Zach Weintraub
Film Category:Narrative
Running Time:71 min
Year of Release:2015
Premiere:California Premiere


“Slackjaw provides yet another example of an outlaw attitude that's alive and well in American movies.” –Eric Kohn (Indiewire)

Slackjaw is a mildly absurd, bromantic-dark comedy about the path to personal responsibility -- amidst the divisive fog of a politicized landscape. Bestowed as one of the 10 Best Undistributed Movies of 2015, by Indiewire’s Film Critic. Rob and his best friend Austyn apply to become human guinea pigs at the local medical testing facility of a vaguely intentioned, multi-national company called EvCorp. As the facility's mere presence has bitterly polarized their town, the two apply in stealth. Only Austyn is accepted, and ushered away, out of contact –- for his immersion into EvCorp's depths. As Rob navigates both sides of the town's deepening rift -- guilt and denial do battle in his mind, evoking eerie visions, paranoia, and a strange physical malady! Fans of Rick Alverson's Entertainment and Joel Potrykus' Buzzard should run to this movie. Official selection at the film festivals: Locarno, Vancouver, Cucalorus, and Olympia. –Jeff M. Giordano

Plays with:

  • WINTER LIGHT, Julian Higgins, 29 min.

Total program run time: 100 min.

Included Shorts

WINTER LIGHT (29min) More