PANEL: Transmedia Storytelling

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SWISSNEX Sat, Feb 13, 2016 6:30 PM


This event is in conjuction with our screenings of POLDER. The panel will be held at: SWISSNEX 730 Montgomery Street, SF.

NEUROO-X, a German-Swiss-Chinese entertainment conglomerate, manufactures and sells games that dissolve the boundaries between the real and unreal. Now, a new gadget, the myth-enshrouded RED BOOK, offers the ultimate gaming experience. The most secret, sub-conscious longings of the users, scanned by the computer-engine, are transformed into fantastic adventures. The main commodity of NEUROO-X, however, are the minds of the users themselves.

Marcus, Chief Development Manager of NEUROO-X, dies shortly before the completion of his invention, the RED BOOK. His lover Ryuko begins to delve into his narrative, finds out that something terrible happened during the testing of the game in China. The deeper she dives into the secret of NEUROO-X, the more she loses touch with her own reality. In the process she neglects her son Walter who, unbeknownst to her, logs into the game and disappears into the alternate/parallel digital world. Desperately trying to save her son, Ryuko must fight the ominous and subversive corporation in order to rescue him. Tragically, the more she tries, the more her actions play into the malicious plan that the NEUROO-X’s executives have wished for all along. Ultimately, Ryuko must find her way out of a disorienting world full of witches, demons, knights and conflicted terrorists.

The POLDER-Project is a collaboration between our Film-Ensemble 400asa (Samuel Schwarz, Julian M.Grünthal, Wanda Wylowa, Sira Topic, Philippe Graber), Cinematographer, Quinn Evan Reimann, and the head Game-Designer of Millform Zurich, Matthias Sala. Our new, collaborative alliances have recently formed the cutting-edge group, the DIGITAL-BUEHNE ZURICH. We are setting new impulses, combining Theater Arts, Visual and Immersive Storytelling with modern Alternate Reality Game Design.

In this sense, we are exploring new frontiers, combining technology with the desires and yearnings of an evermore socially isolated audience. This is what we call IMMERSIVE CONVERGENCE. DER POLDER’s story universe began in 2013/2014 with various Alternate Reality Games, in ON and OFFLINE “real” public spaces, and was supported and developed hand-in-hand with Game Designers. These critically-acclaimed productions, in turn, influenced our Sci-Fi Feature Film DER POLDER.

The “stand-alone” film production has recently won the Mélies “Best European Science Fiction Film Award” at the Trieste Sci-Fi Festival in Italy. In the Spring of 2016 we are proud to be releasing the DER POLDER in European cinemas, often accompanied by special TransmediaEvents. Our unique approach in releasing the film combines our theatre know-how, with the intricate world of gamers, app-design and audio walks. These audio walks allow the audience to immerse themselves into their surroundings, interact with real actors and cosplayers, before they reach the cinema and experience the film.

The special opportunity, that now presents itself in San Francisco, could be the first time we'll be able to put all of our experiences into play. A wonderful “prototype” of what will be continued this spring in Europe.

On February the 13th a select audience in San Francisco will have the chance to experience our “Convergence” approach before the official premiere at SF Indie Fest. Starting at 6.30pm, in attendance of director Samuel Schwarz and the core team of 400asa, and in collaboration with the Game Designers of Milford Zurich, a one-hour panel discussion and a magical journey will lead the audience into the Roxie Theatre for a very special premiere of what we are able to call: European Science Fiction.

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