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Little Roxie Sun, Apr 17, 2016 3:45 PM
Film Info
Director:José Cohen
Year of Production:2014
Premiere Status:San Francisco Premiere
Topic:Changing Cities
Climate Change
Running Time:82 min.


Mexico City faces a continual battle for access to water: getting it, rationing it, transporting it, and consuming it with the utmost judgment and care. The Valley of Mexico is a complex water system in high demand - from the urban sprawl of the city to the farmlands that surround and supply it - and at the same time is facing unstoppable pollution. Among the complex water situation, can collective action provide an answer?


DISCUSSION WITH: José Cohen, director.

Community Partners:

Consulate General of Mexico in San Francisco | SF Urban Film Festival | SPUR

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Pueblote (7min) More

Additional Information

José Cohen is a producer as well as the founder and director of Cactus Film & Video. He has produced TV reports, documentaries, and short films for national and international production companies including the BBC and Discovery Channel. He is currently producing a documentary film directed by Alejandro Solar, De La Calle a La Cancha, about a Mexican soccer team composed of homeless children.