Nature's Orchestra & Soundscape Ecology Walk

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Film Info
Director:Stephen Most
Year of Production:2016
Premiere Status:San Francisco Premiere
Topic:Keep it Wild
Climate Change
Running Time:24 min.


Musician and acoustic scientist Bernie Krause wants us to stop and listen. Since the 1960s, Krause has traveled the world, recording over 15,000 species. In Nature's Orchestra follow him on a soundscape expedition in the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge. Hear the barking of a fox, and a Grizzly's sniff. But also listen for what's missing, the nature soundscapes we're losing.

Watch the film (24 mins) in YBCA's screening room and then join our Soundscape Ecology Walk to record nature sounds in Yerba Buena Gardens, in the heart of San Francisco. After the walk, see the recordings come to life back in the YBCA grand lobby as they're transferred onto a spectrogram.

WITH: Stephen Most, director, Nature's Orchestra; Bruce Hartsough, naturalist guide, soundscape ecology walk; Steve Michelson, The Video Project.

This program is part of YBCA Public Square Investigations of Ecology on April 16, designed to spur conversation through art-inspired investigation. At this Public Square event, an array of projects presented by local artists will explore how people feel, perceive, and experience systems of ecology from nature to neighborhoods. Through performance art, installations, and discussions, the day will offer an immersive sensory experience that seeks to empower shifts of the public imagination. Green Film Fest is a proud participant in this Public Square.

Tickets include access to all the Investigations of Ecology events, April 16 from 4-8pm, including Nature's Orchestra and the Soundscape Ecology Walk .

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Additional Information

Stephen Most is an American playwright and documentary screenwriter. Most has authored, co-authored or otherwise contributed to nine plays and twenty-four documentaries. Among them, Berkeley in the Sixties which Most co-authored was an Academy Award Best Documentary Feature nominee. He is also the author of a 2006 book, River of Renewal: Myth and History in the Klamath Basin. He wrote the 2004 International Documentary Association Pare Lorentz Award winner Oil on Ice.