Open Show: Project Earth

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Film Info
Topic:Keep it Wild
Bay Area
Running Time:120 min.


A showcase of the Bay Area's best visual storytellers, in collaboration with Open Show San Francisco.

This third edition of Project Earth will feature photographers and filmmakers exploring our environment from five unique perspectives - social documentary, science, wildlife, landscape, and conceptual art.

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Thomas Heinser

Reduziert chronicles the Bay Area’s salt evaporation ponds, representing one of only two sea salt works in the US, as well as documenting Northern and Central California’s terrain transformed by fire and drought. The series was exhibited in Feb/Mar 2016 at Gallery 16 SF.

Marc Hors is an itinerant photographic project which moves on bicycles across the American Continent (Alaska > Chilean Antarctic) in seach of natural, social, and cultural values to link with environmental and human rights issues.

Salton Sea
Cid Lang

Salton Sea - Beautiful Catastrophe. Salton Sea project is about stark contrasts - the mid-day harshness and sunset dreaminess, the absolute depletion of the land where life continues to grow unfettered, the barren remoteness that has fostered new spiritual and creative communities.

Where There Once Was Water
Brittany App

A photography project and independent feature length documentary film exploring California's current water crisis and discussing solutions for a more sustainable future.

The Persistent Nature Of Nature
George Gund III

The photos in this series came from my walks through the city of Sao Paulo, Brazil, and the realization that beneath the concrete of the urban landscape, a real jungle is constantly persisting, sometimes quietly, sometimes, shockingly, but always with a quiet and constant power.