Defendant 5

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I Am Chut Wutty
Little Roxie Sun, Apr 17, 2016 6:00 PM

Each day, environmental activists put their life on the line. Chut Wutty was one, in his fight to protect Cambodia's Prey Lang Forest.

Film Info
Director:Heidi Lee Douglas
Year of Production:2014
Premiere Status:San Francisco Premiere
Topic:Keep it Wild
Running Time:30 min.


Young filmmaker Heidi Lee Douglas goes to Tasmania to make a documentary about the destruction of the island's ancient forests. As anti-logging protests escalate, logging giant Gunns Ltd. reacts to public pressure by suing Heidi and 19 others for $6.4 million for allegedly conspiring to destroy the company's business. When Heidi discovers Gunns wants to use her footage as evidence to support its claims, she faces a crisis of conscience. Heidi's response is to turn the camera on herself to document her personal struggle as she goes into battle against a corporation out of control.

DISCUSSION WITH: Leanne Minshull, activist-'Defendant 4' alongside Heidi Lee Douglas; Gemma Tillack, Rainforest Action Network.

Community Partners:

SF Aussies-Australian American Chamber of Commerce in SF | Rainforest Action Network

Additional Information

Heidi Lee Douglas is an award winning Australian filmmaker who works across both documentary and drama. Her recent broadcast television commission Defendant 5 screened on ABC 2 in December 2014 and to 260 millions homes worldwide on Al Jazeera throughout March 2015. Heidi is currently writing a feature script based loosely on the world she created for her 2014 short film Little Lamb. She is also writing a TV drama series based on Defendant 5.