Escape Velocity

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Showing In

The Burden
Roxie Theater Mon, Apr 18, 2016 6:30 PM

The US fossil fuel dependence is our greatest long-term national security threat; the military now wants to lead the transition to clean energy.

Film Info
Director:James Tralie
Year of Production:2015
Premiere Status:San Francisco Premiere
Topic:Festival Awards
Keep It Wild
Running Time:4 min.


2016 Young Filmmaker Award

A young boy struggles to find beauty in the world around him. From pollution, to landfills, to gray skies and alleyways covered in graffiti, the Earth is ugly in the eyes of this boy. He wants to escape from Earth and travel to the far reaches of the beautiful universe. He calculates the escape velocity to leave Earth and imagines a journey into the heavens.

Additional Information

James Tralie is an 18 year-old from Fort Washington, Pennsylvania. His films have been selected by national and international film festivals for screening and awards. They have been shown on local television channels and even on PBS. James was invited to the White House to meet President Obama and won a Student Emmy for his work. He now attends Princeton University and is employed as a videographer/editor for the Lewis Center for the Arts.