Free the Snake: Restoring America's Greatest Salmon River

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Keep it Wild Shorts
Roxie Theater Sun, Apr 17, 2016 1:00 PM

Short films about the people protecting our wild spaces and the landscapes that inspire them.

Film Info
Director:Carissa Ridgeway Tudor
Year of Production:2015
Keep it Wild
Future of Food
Running Time:7 min.


Snake River Salmon have been trucked, put on barges, diverted up fish ladders - all in the hope that enough would bypass the four dams standing in their way to reach their historic habitat, and ensure their future existence.. But it's not working. The time has come to breach the dams and reconnect wild salmon to this important watershed.

DISCUSSION WITH: Carissa Ridgeway Tudor, director.

Part of our Keep It Wild shorts program - a collection of wild stories that venture into our magnificent outdoor spaces and the lives of people dedicated to protecting them.