Inside the Mind of Sachi Cunningham

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Showing In

Surf Shorts
Roxie Theater Fri, Apr 15, 2016 9:00 PM

Meet the women surfers from around the globe who are creating a new surf culture.

Film Info
Director:Beth O'Rourke
Jeff den Broeder
Year of Production:2015
Bay Area
Running Time:6 min.


SF-based journalist Sachi Cunningham recounts harrowing winter missions with Big Wave World Tour Champion, Bianca Valenti, at San Francisco's feared, fabled and often ferocious Ocean Beach. Sachi tells us how and why she is able to place herself and her camera in treacherous waters and huge open ocean waves to capture astounding images of champion big wave surfers.

DISCUSSION WITH: Beth O'Rourke, dirctor; Jeff den Broeder, director; Sachi Cunningham, film's subject.

Part of our Surf Shorts program, showcasing women surfers around the globe who are creating a new surf culture.

See an exhibition of Sachi Cunningham's surf photography at FestHQ (518 Valencia, right around the corner from Roxie) throughout the Festival weekend: April 15, 5-9pm; April 16, 12-9pm; April 17, 1-9pm

Additional Information

Beth O'Rourke and Jeff den Broeder co-founded SeaLevelTV in January 2015 after many years of working together commercially, writing and producing highly effective original television and integrated marketing campaigns for global brands. Now they are following their passion, bringing you independent, original films about ocean culture and concerns.