Shorts 2

  • 198
  • Cowboy's Girl
  • Daewit
  • Emilie
  • Fata Morgana


The Main 5 Fri, Apr 15, 2016 4:45 PM
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Programs:Shorts 2
Short Films
Runtime:88 min


198: Under the pressure of a hanging marriage proposal, a young woman attempts to avoid reality during an ill-conceived night of drinking, smoking...and bowling.
Director(s): Josh Lunden | Runtime: 21 min | Country: USA
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Emilie: A man obsessed with his ex-girlfriend has a catch-up dinner with an engaged couple, but the night ends with him doing something he may regret.
Director(s): Mathew Kim | Runtime: 17 min | Country: USA
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Daewit: Having grown up among wolves, Däwit embarks on a mysterious journey to find his own identity, and ultimately, peace in forgiveness.
Director(s): David Jansen | Runtime: 15 min | Country: Germany
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Cowboy's Girl: A successful woman travels to the seedy fringes of Las Vegas to confront her estranged, eccentric father, known simply as 'Cowboy'.
Director(s): Andrew Piccone | Runtime: 15 min | Country: USA
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Fata Morgana: A middle-aged couple from China arrives in the United States for the first time to organize the funeral rites of their only child.
Director(s): Amelie Wen | Runtime: 20 min | Country: USA, China
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Included Shorts

198 (21min) More
Emilie (17min) More
Daewit (15min) More
Cowboy's Girl (15min) More
Fata Morgana (20min) More