Shorts 7

  • Catalina and the Sun
  • Madam Black
  • Picnic
  • Roubado
  • Schmoolie The Deathwatcher


The Main 4 Sat, Apr 23, 2016 11:10 AM
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General Public:$13.00
Child (12 & Under):$7.00
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Guest Attending:Yes
Programs:Shorts 7
Short Films
Runtime:78 min


Filmmakers Attending

Madam Black: When a glamour photographer runs over a child's pet, he's forced to fabricate a story about its disappearance.
Director(s): Ivan Barge | Runtime: 11 min | Country: New Zealand
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Schmoolie the Deathwatcher: An Orthodox Jewish teen spends his first night alone guarding a body awaiting burial, and ends up fighting for his own life.
Director(s): Michael Ray Escamilla | Runtime: 10 min | Country: USA
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Picnic: Some picnics are harder than others.
Director(s): Jure Pavlovic | Runtime: 13 min | Country: Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatia
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VIKTOR: An American-Russian family is torn apart by a secret.
Director(s): Ann Prim | Runtime: 11 min | Country: USA
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Roubado: Roubado tells the story of Alain Castelo, an introverted Afro-Portuguese teen growing up in the south of France.
Director(s): Erica Watson | Runtime: 18 min | Country: USA, France
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Catalina and the Sun: In this old Argentinian legend, every day Catalina offers a tale to the Sun Tata Inti, for he would always shine in the sky.
Director(s): Anna Paula Hönig | Runtime: 15 min | Country: France, Argentina, Germany
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Included Shorts

Madam Black (11min) More
Schmoolie The Deathwatcher (10min) More
Picnic (13min) More
VIKTOR (11min) More
Roubado (18min) More
Catalina and the Sun (15min) More