Shorts 4

  • Behold
  • Mist on the River
  • Stuck In Mute
  • Take Care
  • Under the Sun
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Programs:Shorts 4
Short Films
Runtime:97 min


Filmmakers Attending

Under the Sun: There's nothing new under the sun.
Director(s): Ri Guang Zhi Xia | Runtime: 19 min | Country: China, Australia
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Take Care: How would you deal with hearing the worst news of your life? For Lisa, a witty foul mouthed long term hospital patient, she only knows one way: sarcasm.
Director(s): Brynn Thayer, Shahaub Roudbari | Runtime: 15 min | Country: USA
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Stuck in Mute: A young woman living with Selective Mutism disorder struggles to find her way in a society until a young boy helps her realize that every word counts.
Director(s): Shane Meuwissen | Runtime: 12 min | Country: USA
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Mist on the River: A young couple battles raw and paradoxical emotions that threaten to tear them apart in this dream-like drama that combines the real and the metaphor.
Director(s): James Byrne | Runtime: 12 min | Country: USA
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Behold: Tomatoes. Garlic. Okra. A truck. A dog. A man with a bullhorn. Two women on a bench. 'Who the hell are you?'
Director(s): Mark Sargent, Haris Tsambas, Maya Tsambrou | Runtime: 9 min | Country: Greece
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YOUTH: Wasted on the young? A sci-fi film about growing old in a world of perpetual youth.
Director(s): Brett Marty | Runtime: 30 min | Country: USA
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Included Shorts

Under the Sun (19min) More
Take Care (15min) More
Stuck In Mute (12min) More
Mist on the River (12min) More
Behold (9min) More
YOUTH (30min) More