Youth Jury Shorts 1


The Main 4 Sun, Apr 10, 2016 11:05 AM
Film Info
Programs:Youth Jury Short 1
Short Films
Runtime:90 min


The Twin Cities Youth Media Network works to promote, advocate for, and share resources with the community of youth media makers and arts educators. TCYMN is a member-based network of educators, mentors, and organizations that support and engage youth in media programming and services.

Members include The Center for International Education, CTV North Suburbs, Independent Filmmaker Project Minnesota, In Progress, Intermedia Arts, Institute of Production and Recording - College of Creative Arts, John Akre, Migizi Communications, Minnesota Public Radio, Neighborhood House, Minnesota Public Radio, Perpich Center for Arts Education, Suburban Community Channels, Saint Paul Neighborhood Network, ThreeSixty Journalism, Twin Cities Public Television, and Walker Art Center Teen Programs.

Bleach by Housewives by Dominick, Kai, Mira, Grace, Emma, Taylor, Lola, and Julie

Alien Brain by Katrina Frazey

The Star Planet by Ahmed, Jaqman, Alexandra, Brandon, Mariah, and Erin

Untitled by Carl Forsline

The Blue Girl by Madeleine Melloy

The Phoenix by Moira and Bruse

English as a Second Language by Marisol Castillo

Swamp Troll by Behren Taylor

REM by Theng Pao Thao and Max Landy

Checkmate by Ben Saunders, Teddy Cruz, Jarue Teppen, and Sylvia Scott

The Struggle by Isaiah Gatica

Anatomy of a Peach by Tatum Vanyo

Greatest Me by Dominique Hart

Devil Lamp by Osa and Martin

Deadringer by Misha Ardichvili

Black Box by Thomas Soloweij

What’s in a Name by Skylah Wilson, Alex Bruce, and Marrisa Mills

I Refuse by Emma Olson

The Adventures of Debs Fitzgerald by James Lee

In Studio: Fox and Coyote by Jeron Lau, Julia Nentwig, Claire Nentwig, Katie Nentwig, Jonathan Pierce, Cooper Noot, Razeqa Aliyi, Kat St. Martin-Norburg, and TJ Anthony. With support from Misha Ardichvili, Amethyst O'Connell, Tennessee Wacek, and Jia Vang

Snap Clap TAPPP by Shannon, Sam, Mai Lia, and Lucy