Dark Side of the Ocean

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I am Morgan - Stolen Freedom & The Dark Side of the Ocean
The Roxy Theater Screen 1 Thu, Apr 21, 2016 5:00 PM
I am Morgan - Stolen Freedom & The Dark Side of the Ocean Double Feature
Film Info
Series:39th International Wildlife Film Festival
Release Year:2015
Hosted By:International Wildlife Film Festival
Cast/Crew Info
Director:Rick Rosenthal


Marine biologist and cameraman Rick Rosenthal has been filming in the ocean for decades. But one spectacle has eluded him and every other filmmaker until now – the amazing “great vertical migration”, when billions of animals rise from the depths to the ocean’s surface. Yet this extraordinary event happens every night, in every ocean. Now for the first time, Rick Rosenthal will capture it on camera. But to do so, he must risk the dangers and face the challenges of filming in the open ocean, in the dark. When he succeeds, Rick unlocks the secrets of a bizarre and alien world – a world driven by survival to remain forever in the oceans’ shadows.