• Still Life Still Life
Film Info
Director:Tony Massil
Pablo Alvarez-Mesa
Film Category:Animal Tales
Running Time:68 min.
Year of Release:2016
Premiere:West Coast Premiere


80-year-old eccentric Frank is pretty much retired and has turned his attentions to playing the accordion. However, the focus of this revealing film is his celebrity, which derives from a deeply felt friendship with Pudgie Wudgie, his 20-pound performing house cat.  The soon-to-be-famous feline’s distinguishing trait is its Buddha-like patience with the costumes that Frank imposes on him.  Frank and Pudgie start out humbly but soon their growing fame takes them from elementary-school assemblies to the dizzying heights of national television.  Strange, oddly beautiful and hilarious. -Chris Metzler

Co-Presented by: Muttville

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